Lighting Installation

Well-placed lighting can accent any room in your home. It can create ambience, highlight artwork, cast dramatic shadows on walls, and so much more. OBOT Electric’s lighting design experts can design a system complete with fixtures, custom switching and dimming so that your lighting options can reflect your mood or make a room multitask for you. Utilizing unique features such as lighting automation, you won’t have to worry whether the lights are on when you need them, or whether you forgot to turn them on when you left your home. Installing a lighting system that utilizes an astronomical timer means that your indoor or outdoor lighting can automatically turn on or off at sunrise or sunset, completely customizable to your unique needs.

From installing lights for new construction projects to updating the lighting of existing rooms in a home, our lighting installation experts can handle any project, both large and small in scope. We can increase your energy efficiency with a complete LED lighting retrofit. Have a light fixture that requires special attention? We have years of experience handling unique or delicate fixtures that require the utmost in care during installation.

OBOT Electric can provide safety, security, ambiance, and drama to your property through well-planned outdoor lighting designs that enhance your home. We can install comprehensive security lighting; utilizing floodlights which provide unbalanced pools of bright light along with dark shadowed areas where someone can hide. A well planned, low-level lighting system evenly spread around your home or building can also act as a deterrent to prowlers, providing greater safety and security at night. Luminaries that emit low-level light silhouette intruders making them visible from any angle.

Our lighting installation services include but are not limited to:

  • recessed lights
  • pendant lights
  • kitchen lighting
  • ceiling lights
  • fluorescent lighting
  • outdoor lighting
  • track lighting
  • …and more!


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