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We're Wipliance, Redmond, Washington's leading provider of advanced solutions for home and business automation. We offer extravagant comfort and lifestyle by incorporating contemporary technology into your surroundings.

What’s Automation?

Home or enterprise automation infuses technology with our homes, businesses & devices, giving us control of our environmental features, activities, and appliances. It's a rapidly growing movement, quickly becoming integrated into more and more residences and businesses each day.

Imagine the window shades at your business are set to open or close on their own depending on the temperature in the building, optimizing your energy use, or the indoor lights at your house automatically dim to the perfect level when you start a movie on your home theater system. These are some of the endless possibilities of home automation.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our customer service is our most important asset, and it begins the moment you reach out to us. As no two projects will be the same, our aim is to get an exact understanding of what you intend to accomplish. Our engineers go to work getting incredible details of the overall big picture you intend to achieve so we can design everything to your precise specifications. Our consultation process is critical to us; we’re masters at extracting the ideas you have mind and putting them on paper to create the optimal system for you.

Enliven Your Environment With Wipliance


  • Become the commander in chief of your home or business by transforming your surroundings into an interconnected web of connection and control. Manage everything from your lights, window shades, security system and more with a single remote or your smartphone

  • Enjoy the ease of having your home or business on autopilot. Envision having your lights mimic the outdoor environment, blackout shades that automatically close when a movie begins, or an indoor climate system that manages itself according to your business hours. The options are endless

Audio, Video & Home Theater

  • Bring the movie theater experience into your home with the highest-quality televisions and sound arrangements, including Sony 4k flat-screen TVs, and Sonos audio systems

  • Watch the game with your friends, tune into your favorite series after work, stay in for a blockbuster with the family, play a video game with your kids, or cue the music for a cocktail party, all without juggling numerous remote controls

Business Audio & Video

  • Set yourself apart from the competition by using automated audio & video systems to enroll customers in your products or services

  • Intelligently communicate your business' message with the highest quality, automated video & sound systems


  • Impress your guests by setting the mood for a party or evening gathering with the touch of a button

  • Effortlessly control your home or business’ lighting from wherever you are with the convenience of your smartphone


  • We'll optimize your overall home or business internet connection using heat mapping to discover the ideal placement for your wifi network, giving you maximum performance

  • Easily monitor the type of media your family consumes. Set who or when certain content can be viewed on the internet. This benefit is especially useful for keeping any kids from stumbling upon any unwanted material

Home & Business Security

  • Protect your family and your assets with our highly advanced, customizable and automated security systems

  • Feel completely secure. With total access to your home or business security system in the power of your palm, you can stream live feeds of security cameras on your smartphone or tablet from almost anywhere

Window Services

  • Set your window shades to automatically raise and lower depending on the time of day, temperature, or other factors of your home or business

  • Conveniently command your window shades with a touch of your smartphone or tablet

Customer Service

  • Never be concerned about your system – All of our work includes extensive customer service that extends throughout the lifespan your installations

Convenience and Usability

  • Become fully competent with your automation system in minutes with the exceptional training that comes with any of our work. The systems we install are simple to use, and we won't leave until you're a certified expert in all of the functions of your home or business installation

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